Our History

Baldwin University College was founded by Dr. Akwasi Achampong who obtained his first degree in Pharmacy before pursuing a Medical degree both at NYCOM and Long Island Universities in USA. He is now a trained medical professional in the specialty of Internal Medicine. He is also the Medical Director and owner of Elmont Medical, PC, USA, a Private Pilot and Chief Executive Officer of Unique Life Inc. He is also Adjunct Professor NYCOM, Clinical Associate Professor Molloy College, New York University and Hofstra Medical School.

Dr. Afia Achampong, co-founder of Baldwin University College, is also a trained medical professional and practices at Elmont Medical, PC. She obtained her first degree in Nursing before pursuing a Medical Degree both at UHSA and New York Universities, USA. Currently, she is the owner of RHEMA Real Estate, and Inshira School of Health Sciences, USA. Drawing from the experiences of their work at various institutions and combined education in Medicine, Pharmacy and Nursing, the college was established. Basically, the root reason was to transfer knowledge and skills acquired to the generation of youth who are willing to learn the Sciences. The college is guided by its vision and mission and policies on code of ethics that define the relationships of staff-student, student-student, staff-staff, and institution-public/media.

Our Mission

Baldwin University College is an independent, comprehensive institution which provides a value-centered educational experience that enhances intellectual, ethical, spiritual and social development for students.

Students will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the challenges of modern life. Undergraduate programs, based on a strong Liberal Arts and Science core curriculum, offer choices in professional and career preparation.

Faculty will encourage their students to search for truth through critical and analytical thinking to strive for personal moral growth and to develop a sense of social, economic and political responsibility.

Our Vision

Baldwin University College aspires to become the Preferred Institution that trains the minds that make important decisions in shaping the world.