Parents & Families

Baldwin University College recognizes the importance of family and especially the role of parents, grandparents, guardians, and siblings. As a result the College plans the following activities at which parents and family members are welcome.

Orientation to Baldwin Seminar and Workshops

Students, parents and family are invited to participate in the Orientation to Baldwin Program that is held at the beginning of each semester for new students.

Parent Advisory Council

Parents of current students and alumni will be invited to serve on the Parent Advisory Council that will be scheduled twice a year. All topics will be up for review by the Council. The Council will also recommend new activities, curriculum, and changes in the current program.

Parent Advisory Program

The purpose of the Parent Advisory Program is to notify parents when their students are having problems, missing classes, or are subject to disciplinary actions.

International Festival Day and Buffet

The students, parents and family members will be welcomed to International Festival where there will be international dance demonstrations, music, and cultural exchange of international dishes. International games will also take place.

Sibling Tutorial Program (SMART)

Adults and children are invited to participate within the SMART Program where reading, English, mathematics, science, and social studies will be offered. The materials will be those used internationally under the SAL system. A reproduction and tutorial fee will be charged.

Meet the Faculty Activities

Appoints can be made to meet with any member of the faculty to discuss a student’s progress, discuss problems with any department within the College and voice concerns, suggestions, or simply to meet the President.

Library Usage for Parents and Family Program

Parents and family of current students will be issued library cards for use of the College Library. A special section of the library will house a special collection for grade school and special education students. Adult literacy materials will be housed in the library and may be checked out.

Family Picnic and Field Day activities

A family picnic and field day will be held once per year for students and their family who participated during the current academic year. Alumni are also invited.

Summer Tutorial Program for Family Members

A special tutorial program will be held during the summer months for siblings of current students and alumni. The program will include both academic tutoring, a science research and fair, sports arts and craft activities.

Health Services Fair

A Health Services Fair will be held twice a year. Parents and family can participate in the seminars, health screening, and other health related activities.

Special Education Workshops

An on-going series of workshops on special education topics will be held quarterly. Topics to be discussed will be identification of needs, early childhood techniques, home-schooling techniques, legislative issues, special programs that involve exceptional children, helping an academic deficient student catch up, Autism, children with learning disabilities, special education in Ghana, your child’s rights to a special education, etc.

Health Services Workshop

The College is planning workshops on identifying and preventing diseases, childhood diseases and vaccination programs and issues, first responders’ first aid instruction.