Financial Aid

Baldwin University College has undertaken a campaign to solicit donations, fund raising activities, and sponsorship for students in need of financial assistance. Students should contact the Financial Aid Office to become a part of the students in need of their services.

Work-Study Program

In addition to the campaign above, students can undertake working on campus as part-time staff. This can be done as positions open and within the Learning Laboratory where qualified students become tutors working within the various programs of the College. See the section of the website that discusses the Baldwin Learning Center for qualification.

Textbook Rental Program

The Financial Aid Department can also assist in reducing the cost of textbooks through a rental program. In this program the student rents the textbook for the semester and returns it (in good condition without markings or highlights) at the end of the semester. Contact the Financial Aid Office if you are interested in this program.

Sponsorship Program

Sponsorship of a student by an individual, company or foundation involves the student applying for sponsorship and includes maintaining contact with the sponsor throughout his/her term at the College. Sponsored students are required to send their sponsors a copy of their final grades, at least two letters during the semester reporting on progress, and a photograph of themselves. All funds from the sponsor will be sent to the Finance Office and credited to the student’s account.

Financial Aid Staff

The Financial Aid Office will work with the students to secure part-time positions within the community. Interested students should prepare a vita for sending to the potential employer.

The staff of the Financial Aid Office will work with the students to resolve financial aid problems; however, they are not able to guarantee inclusion of a student into any of the above programs.