The Baldwin Experience

Baldwin University College offers students a rich, multidimensional educational experience in an academically challenging environment. We foster critical thinking and creative exploration while preparing students to live and work in the global world of today.

We offer courses in areas including Health and Allied Sciences, Business and Computer Science. Our faculty promotes academic freedom while encouraging the spirit of inquiry in a nurturing, learning environment. Staffed with noted scholars who possess extensive knowledge and enthusiasm for their subject area, members of the Baldwin College's Faculty are accessible, making it easy to address the individual needs of every student. Our faculty is committed to preparing you for your role as an effective leader in both the community and the world.

Grounded in academic excellence, the ideals of truth, and respect for the worth and dignity of every student, Baldwin College provides a value-centered educational experience. Our innovative approach enhances every student’s intellectual, ethical, spiritual and social development. Every Baldwin student graduates prepared to live and work in a world where their only boundaries are self-imposed. Through its diversity of academic programmes, personalized attention from dedicated faculty and commitment to improving both Ghana and the world, Baldwin University College develops graduates who enter the professional world prepared to lead and excel.

In a nut shell
  • Baldwin University College is an independent, comprehensive institution which provides a value-centered educational experience that enhances intellectual, ethical, spiritual and social development for students.
  • Students will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the challenges of modern life. Undergraduate programs, based on a strong liberal arts and science core curriculum, offer choices in professional and career preparation.
  • Faculty will encourage their students to search for truth through critical and analytical thinking to strive for personal moral growth and to develop a sense of social, economic and political responsibility.