Current Students

The Faculty and Staff of Baldwin want to enhance the progress of their students. To accomplish this, Baldwin College will offer the following resources for current students:

Baldwin Library

The Staff will orient the student to the use of the Library and aid in use of computer search engines, research methodology, and book location.

Student Advisors and Counselors

The staff and faculty will serve as advisors during registration, problem resolution, scheduling problems, and student/faculty conflicts.

Baldwin Learning Laboratory

The staff and faculty will assist the students in problems faced with course content, deficient skills, course review, test preparation, and teaching techniques for A Team tutors.

Quality Study Circles

The staff of the Learning Center will form Quality Study Circles within academic programs/classes to enhance the learning process, sharing of information, and slippage in concept acquisition.

Study Skills Workshops

The staff of the Learning Center or Designated Faculty member will conduct a seminar on improving the student’s study skills including taking notes, outlining, identifying key concepts, increasing memorization, and scheduling time.

Faculty-Student Mentoring Program

Faculty members will be assigned current students to monitor the student’s progress, make recommendations at the time of registration, and track the student’s attendance and progress with their programs.

Career Planning Workshops

Career Counselors will advise the students on preparing for activities during study and after graduation. The workshop will include resume writing, job application letters, appropriate coursework, extracurricular activities that enhance employer interest, selecting appropriate electives, and entrepreneurship activities.

Time Management Workshops

Counselors will work with current students in planning their daily activities to reduce stress, meet deadlines, establish goals and objectives, and prepare their documents in a professional manner.