Future Students

Baldwin University College is dependent upon serving future students interested in its programs. As a result, it will provide the following resources to aid future students become a part of our dynamic institution.

New Student Orientation and Walk-Through

The faculty, administration, and staff will conduct periodic orientation seminars for prospective students, parents, and interested community members. These seminars will provide workshops on the following topics:

  1. Overview of Baldwin University College and its Non-Academic Services

    This overview will include discussions by department heads explaining their programs and answering questions about them. These include: Counseling Office, Registrar’s Office, Financial Aid Office, Recruitment and Registration Office, Finance Office, Student Activities & Housing Office, Student Government, and Administrative Office.

  2. The Baldwin Curricula

    The Department Heads or their representative will discuss the progression that a student would take in completing a major. They will outline courses that would be taken and requirements for entry into the program or individual classes.

  3. The Baldwin Learning Center and Library

    The Staff will explain how the Learning Center and Library aid in helping students to study, work in Quality Circles, and conduct research within their programs.

  4. Entrance Qualification Seminar

    The faculty will work with students in preparing for entrance examinations, recommending developmental courses that will need to be completed before entrance and referral to individualized educational programs designed study with the Learning Laboratory staff.