Baldwin University College cherishes it Alumni and intends keeping them as part of the Baldwin Family. To accomplish this goal, the University College will undertake the following programs and provide the following services.

  1. Establishing an Alumni Association with announcements and invitations sent to the Alumni on a quarterly basis.
  2. Use of the Baldwin Library with privilege of checking out a maximum of two books for a period of one month.
  3. Use of the Learning Center for review of concepts covered in the courses they completed.
  4. An Alumni Event every five years beginning with 2020.
  5. A Baldwin jersey with Baldwin Alumni designation at a reduced market value.
  6. Invitation to participate at the International Festival and Buffet.
  7. Invitation to participate at the Summer Picnic and Field Day.
  8. Invitation to sporting, movie and concert events at discounted price.
  9. Priority seating at all Baldwin College events.
  10. Activation of the KEEP Alumni program.
  11. 10% Discount on tuition for upgrading to another Baldwin University College program.