Faculty & Staff

Baldwin University College wants to avail resources to the faculty and staff in order to enhance their performance. In order to accomplish this the following will be established within the College environment.

Faculty Library Section

A special section of the Baldwin Library will be established for faculty that can not be used by students and must be traceable for notification of another faculty member in need of a particular document. Faculty will be permitted to check out books from faculty or student sections for extended time (dependent upon Department Head limit).

Faculty Lounge

A faculty lounge will be set up for faculty members to rest between classes, have refreshments, and make local phone calls.

Faculty Restroom

A faculty restroom will be set up for faculty with key access.

Faculty Exchange Program

Information will be provided to faculty members on exchange vacancies, new programs, seminars, and qualified employment opportunities.

Faculty Bulletin Board

This is for use by faculty and staff to post announcements, employment opportunities, openings within the College, and government notifications.

Computer Faculty-dedicated equipment

Equipment will be given a faculty priority within the Computer Laboratory. When available, a computer will be located in the faculty lounge.

Faculty and Staff KEEP Program

Refer to the Faculty and Staff Manual.

Faculty and Staff Tuition Assistance Program

Refer to the Faculty and Staff Manual