The Learning Center

The Learning Center is where all of the tutorial activities, Quality Study Circles, Incomplete Course assignments completion, and A Team coordination occur.

The Learning Center is incorporated within the duties of the Department of Developmental Studies. The center conducts diagnostic testing in academic skills that are required for success in a college environment and sets up specific study programs needed for the student to attain these required skills. The center is managed the Director with assistance from A Team Teaching Assistants who serve as tutors for specific courses or skill deficiencies. The tutoring takes place in a one-to-one or small Quality Study Circle at scheduled times and until the student has attained the necessary proficiencies.

For the first two years of operation, the Learning Center will report directly to the University President or his designate.

The A Team Teaching Assistants work closely with the Instructors who refer the students or who are teaching a course were the student has approached the Learning Center for tutorial assistance.

The Learning Laboratory uses computer learning programs, concept modules, study guides, and commercial products to instruct the students. Most of these learning materials will be developed in-house with the aid of the faculty.

The Department of Developmental Studies will schedule courses in developmental mathematics, English, and basic writing skills. These non-credit courses will be offered to students at the time of registration. The course materials can be commercially produced learning modules, programmed learning modules, computer-aided programs and/or lectures. The final tests will be developed by Instructors within the academic departments who refer the students to the Center.

A Learning Laboratory Fee is charged to all students. This fee is used to compensate the A-Team Teaching Assistants and cover some of the Director’s salary.